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Lessons 1
Arduino - Getting Started
Lessons 2
Arduino - Basics
Lessons 3
Arduino - Serial Communication
Lessons 4
Arduino - Digital / Analog
Lessons 5
Arduino - Visual Output
Lessons 6
Arduino - Motor Control
Lessons 7
Arduino -LCD Displays
Lessons 8
Arduino -LCD Displays

Getting Started

Arduino Tutorials Getting StartedIn these beginning tutorials, we will show how to get ready for Arduino programming. These tutorials help you to install all the necessary software and gives you an explanation about the most important elements that you will counter with Arduino. We’ll also review the Arduino Uno board and the breadboard. Plus, we will dive into the tools that are needed for creating Arduino Projects. By the end of this chapter, you will be able to upload your first code/sketch to your Arduino Uno board. After reading these tutorials you will be able to:

  • How to install the Arduino software
  • The elements of the Arduino Uno Board
  • What Ohm’s law of resistance is?
  • How to calculate resistors for your project
  • Understanding how to use a breadboard
  • How to power your Arduino Board